{Black History Month} For the Kids

It almost seems as if I’m purposely avoiding doing a post for Black History Month but it just seems strange because I am black (and I’ve definitely made history in my family) and I can technically do a post about black history ANY time I want. . .but still, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge this month, which was started off at “Negro History Week” and ended up becoming a full month to celebrate African-American achievements (which are never-ending by the way).

I did a post on Black History here and kinda here.  But for my own official entry. . .I decided to just provide resources to help children (of all races) understand more about Black History Month and ways to celebrate since they hear the most about it in school.  Here are some awesome links I found on the subject:


1.  12 Kid-Friendly Facts for Black History– Lonnie Johnson invented the super soaker?!  Shut up!  How cool is that?!

2.  Great Books for all ages- I think I want to read more about Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas’ friendship!

3.  Time for Kids– Oh, this is really cool, Time Magazine has a site for kids and they’ve compiled links to Black History information!

4.  Nick Jr.-  This is awesome for the younger kids, printables to color as well as flash cards!

5.  PBS Kids– Another site with great educational information and fun games!




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  1. Language Arts Teacher · · Reply

    Good post… I have mixed feelings about Black history month. I tend to agree with Morgan Freeman’s sentiments on the matter, but I do see the overall value in celebrating history in general.

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