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TGIF!!!   No video again. . .I see a pattern developing. . . 😉 At any rate, Easter is this Sunday it seems so bizarre that it’s the last day of the month.   I wrote a post about the origin of the article HERE, you should check it out! Our Easter traditions have changed over the […]

Childhood Ambition

It’s been more than few decades since I was a kid.  So much has changed over the years especially with the invention of cell phones and the Internet but the more things change, I realize the more they stay the same.  My children enjoy doing much of the same things I did when I was […]

My First Love

I was sixteen when I got my first car.  It was a red, 1983 Nissan Sentra in bad need of a paint job.  The year was 1986 and I was a junior in high school.  It was my first real taste of freedom. I could go anywhere $5 worth of gas would take me!  I […]

{Feel Good Friday} Dirty Secrets

TGIF!!  I hope to be back to doing Friday videos NEXT Friday. . .Spring Break threw me off my game!  But until then I wanted to share a little book I picked up at Marshall’s about a year ago.  When I cleaned out the workspace yesterday I found it, I had forgotten all about it!  […]

I’ve Got A Functional Space!

So, yesterday I posted this picture of my workspace: Anyway, this is the only available space in the house to make an “office”, so I headed out to get a few things to fix up the space.  Mainly TRASH BAGS!  My first task was to empty out the entire armoire: Next I added some elements […]

{Update} Blogging Conference Savings!

I posted earlier this week about the upcoming online blogging conference sponsored by The Blog Workshop.  And guess what?  I’ve been given a special code that gives Phenomenal Mama readers $25 off their conference admission price! How awesome is that?  Keep in mind the code is not applicable for payment plans but if you’re paying […]

The Office: A Modern Day Tragedy

No, this is NOT a post about the hit NBC comedy but instead the tragedy of my lack of dedicated office space.  Well, I actually have a dedicated closet space but it’s just not enough room for me to spread my mess wings and be totally creative.  But the irony is that I haven’t really […]