Birthday Boy

I’ve seen this on other blogs and I’ve been meaning to do it since FOREVER. . .


My Dearest Son,

Nine years ago you came in to my life and it hasn’t been the same since.  I never knew I had the capacity to feel so much love and happiness and to feel so protective and hopeful. . .

You are seriously the smartest child I know and your personality is so unlike most boys your age.  You like superheroes, video games and wrestling all night with your dad.  But you also love to read and challenge your mind.  You have such a good heart, you’re kind, caring and sensitive. And even your demeanor is so calm (like your father). I hope that NEVER changes.

I know over the next few years it will become increasingly important for you to try and “fit in” with your friends. . .I can already see subtle changes in your personality as you’re coming out of your shell.  I pray for you every night, son, that you don’t sacrifice yourself and what you know to be the right and honorable thing to do just to “fit in” with your friends.  Because you are pretty awesome JUST THE WAY YOU ARE and you were born to STAND OUT. . .but I know you have to grow, learn and experiment. . .this is YOUR journey, not mine.  But your father and I are here to guide you to make sure you when it is time for you to ultimately leave the nest that you can not only fly but that you can SOAR!

Enjoy your day!  I love you to the moon and back times infinity plus one!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!




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