Perfect Mom: An Oxymoron

perfect mom

Eight months ago I quit my job to stay at home with my children. I envisioned leisurely days of watching HGTV, craft time, play dates and field trips. I would also successfully launch a new business on the side. I would get 8 hours of sleep every night, my husband would get a home cooked meal every day and we would get to spend some quality time together.
Yeah right!

The funny thing about time is that you NEVER have enough of it.  It seems like time goes by even faster now that I’m at home! I don’t care how organized you are, how many schedules and plans you make- there will always be that ONE thing you didn’t get to do.  And sometimes as moms we beat ourselves up over that ONE thing and we feel like we’ve failed.

We’re not perfect.  Perfection is an illusion and very subjective I might add.  And “perfect mom” is definitely an oxymoron.  You know, like an honest politician or a friendly divorce or gourmet fast food or- well, you get the picture. It’s just unrealistic and you’re placing way too much pressure on yourself.

So instead of trying to be a martyr just be a mom.  Make sure your kids don’t go to bed hungry, that they have clean underwear and they know when to say “please” and “thank you”.  Because striving for the unattainable leads to a very stressed out mommy and kids can sense when you’re in distress and it makes them nervous.  I mean after all, YOU are supposed to be in charge.  If you can’t handle things then they feel vulnerable. Send your kids a message that you are in charge, flaws and all. Because you might not realize it yet but your children already think you’re the perfect mom. . .well, at least until they become teenagers.

Just relax, take a deep breath and leave the dishes overnight. Trust me, they’ll still be there in the morning!

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  1. Sandra Charron · · Reply

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