{H-Town Review} Main Street America


Are you looking to build your dream home and need ideas or just want to catch up on the latest decorating trends to update your home or do you just have a penchant for walking through model homes?  My family and I fall into that last category. But Main Street America would meet the needs of anyone who has a love for all things new home related.

It is called a year-round destination where you can discover and experience the latest in home building products and services.  It is literally a street of different architectural and interior designed homes (14 homes to be exact.)  The smallest home is about 1,800 square feet and the largest a little over 6,100 square feet.  There is an uptown loft, beach oasis, sprawling Tuscan and a country home that looks a little similar to the house where the Obama’s reside.


It’s really a home lover’s paradise, like HGTV come to life!  But there is a catch.  It costs to enter this neighborhood.  Adults (16 and up)- $15 and children (4-15) – $5.  The person at the counter told us to think of it as going to a Home and Garden Show, you have to pay there and don’t get to see nearly as much. . . I guess she might have a point.

There was a really cool feature called “TED”. . .it’s a little iPad like device that you can borrow (for free) and scan certain decorations or elements in the homes and get details on the cost and how to purchase.  You can have your entire list emailed to you to review from the privacy of your own home.


We really enjoyed our day (very strange, I know, but my kids LOVE looking at model homes, so they were in paradise) but I have to admit after walking all over the largest two homes back to back and trekking up five floors in the loft home. . .I WAS EXHAUSTED.  I barely recall the last three houses because I was so ready to go!  I was starving. . .I think they must get that a lot because they have a RESTAURANT on the premise!  This place is SERIOUS! LOL!  We didn’t eat on site but we did feel like we got our money’s worth and we know EXACTLY what we want in our next home.


For locals and visitors to the city, I would recommend you give it a try IF you’re into that kind of thing.  You won’t be disappointed.  You can get more information on their website: http://www.mainstreetamerica.com/index.html


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