The Office: A Modern Day Tragedy

No, this is NOT a post about the hit NBC comedy but instead the tragedy of my lack of dedicated office space.  Well, I actually have a dedicated closet space but it’s just not enough room for me to spread my mess wings and be totally creative.  But the irony is that I haven’t really been inspired lately because I’m not as organized as I should be. . . so, today I am on a MISSION!


I have no choice, I have booted myself out of our dining room and all of my stuff is boxed up and ready for a new home. I’ve blogged about this before but today I’m making it a priority!  I’m in serious danger of NOT meeting my stationery shop deadline and that’s not okay. . .this is part of the madness I was working in:

photo 1update

I’m certain this was a fire hazard as well as an eyesore!

Then I waved my magic wand and it was gone:

photo 2

That’s more like it! There was a table underneath! Who knew?!


So me and baby girl are off to find some storage and desktop solutions to convert this space into something I can actually use:

photo 3

This is sooo tragic! But it’s all I’ve got for now, so let the mission begin!

WISH ME LUCK!  I’m definitely going to need it!  I’ll post the AFTER pics as soon as I’m done!

(Photo’s courtesy of Le iPhone! Sorry, I didn’t have time for edits! I’ve got an office emergency!)




  1. Well you worked magic on that table, I’m sure that the pictures to come will be just as awesome. WELCOME to SITS, I hope you like it there! It’s a great group of people.

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome and stopping by my blog! I’m excited to be a part of the community and can’t wait to check out some new blogs (including yours 😉 I’m long overdue for an office re-do! Stay tuned!

  2. dishofdailylife · · Reply

    I am working on my office too…I thought I was going to tackle it this week…did not happen! 😦

    1. Where does the time go?! I was over ambitious today (story of my life) but it HAS to happen tomorrow! Good luck to you and thanks for stopping by!

  3. writermomangela · · Reply

    Good luck in your transformation project! Stopping by from SITS

    1. Thanks! I’m actually getting ready to tackle it now! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Great job in the dining room! I’m sure you will do great with the office space too!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today!

    1. Love your blog! Thank you for stopping by as well! The new space is finished! Just posted pics!

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