I’ve Got A Functional Space!

So, yesterday I posted this picture of my workspace:

photo 3

Wow, I have really have no shame!

Anyway, this is the only available space in the house to make an “office”, so I headed out to get a few things to fix up the space.  Mainly TRASH BAGS!  My first task was to empty out the entire armoire:


My magic wand strikes again!

Next I added some elements to brighten up the dark wood, save space and inspire me:

office elements

And after a few hours. . . .it actually looked like a real workspace!  I have to make this work at least until we move or my stepdaughter goes off to college and I turn her room into an office . .whichever comes first!  Wish me luck on keeping it organized!!


It’s so nice and neat! Well, except for the purple dots. . .


1. I added cork board tiles to the left side of the door, which now allows me to use push pins to hang notes and reminders.

2.  Printer #1- this is our main printer for the desktop and the WiFi for the iPhones.

3.  EXTRA SPACE!  I actually still have two empty shelves!  And that’s scrapbooking paper affixed with double-sided tape in the background!

4.  Printer #2- My Epson is strictly for small on-demand stationery orders. There is storage under that little printer table that I scored from Kirkland’s for a ridic price!

5.  All of my journals in one place!! YAY!  I can’t even tell you how excited this makes me!

6. I added a Scotch 3M brand hook to the right side of the armoire to hang my clipboard.

7.  My Macbook.  I need to get something to raise it up a little higher but for now,  I just move it in front of the desktop when I want to use it instead of the desktop, which is 75% of the time.

I’m sooo excited about my new space and I’m already feeling inspired to start creating! The absolute best thing about this workspace has to be this:

workspace closed


And I’m sure my family agrees!  How do you think I did?  Any tips you can offer to make the space more functional?




  1. Well done! Good on you for making use all your vertical space. ~M.

    1. Thanks! It was definitely a challenge but I think it’s going to work! 😉

  2. dishofdailylife · · Reply

    It looks awesome. You are inspiring me to finish my office cleanup up!

    1. Thanks! I’ve got the “fever” now and want to move on to other rooms in the house!

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