Childhood Ambition

It’s been more than few decades since I was a kid.  So much has changed over the years especially with the invention of cell phones and the Internet but the more things change, I realize the more they stay the same.  My children enjoy doing much of the same things I did when I was kid.


Proof that I was actually a kid once upon a time!

Unfortunately they do spend more time inside and not just because of television and video games. . .we just live in a different world and I can’t imagine letting my 9 year old just roam the neighborhood (like I did as a kid) without adult supervision.  It saddens me a bit that he’s not getting to experience independence and freedom but I guess he has plenty of time for that as he grows older.

I think my kids are having a pretty amazing childhood, so far, and I try to make sure they get to experience as much as they can but I’m also trying to be mindful that they are still very young and I don’t want to “spoil” growing up for them and give them access to too much too soon, otherwise they won’t have anything to look forward to. . .right now I just want them to enjoy being kids!





  1. bequoted · · Reply

    You did right by putting the pic of the kids last. I would have been totally distracted by their cuteness had you put it up top…and, you’re so right about being in a different world. I look back my childhood and think, “how could my mom have let me catch the public bus in CA when I was only in middle school?” That isn’t so bad, but given the foolishness we would get into then and the foolishness I hear about now…oh no ma’m. My little one will not be on the Muni bus. Andrea @ visiting from SITS & BLM.

    1. Right!! We used to walk almost two miles from elementary school to home and we’d let ourselves in and stay at home until my mom got there! I would go the gas station and leave my kids at home now! Lol! Thanks for stopping by! BTW- your wedding photo was beyond gorgeous in the Black Marriage Day album! :-))

  2. I definitely agree with not exposing them too much too soon! I am so looking forward to doing and introducing new things to my daughter…and most of all…watching them grow! Great post!

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