TGIF!!!   No video again. . .I see a pattern developing. . . 😉

At any rate, Easter is this Sunday it seems so bizarre that it’s the last day of the month.   I wrote a post about the origin of the article HERE, you should check it out!

Our Easter traditions have changed over the years.  It started with going to church but after that time that we had to sit in a cramped”overflow room” and watch the sermon on a television because the sanctuary was full, I’ve questioned if going to church with everyone who usually only attends once  or twice a year (trust me, I’m totally NOT judging) is a smart thing to do.

As a kid growing up, after church services we would always head to my grandmother’s house for an Easter egg hunt.  I also dye eggs and hide them for my children.  But prior to the egg hunt we usually have a really nice brunch and just reflect on our blessings and the sacrifice God made by giving his only begotten son so that we may have everlasting life.  As a result, I try not to take anything for granted and live my life in the best possible way!  I hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER!!

What are some of your Easter traditions?




  1. Happy Easter to you too and your family as well. I don’t go to church either on that day. I’m not a regular attendant but it’s much too crowded on that day. I’ll be at home spending it quietly with my loved on and enjoying a fine meal.

  2. Sweet Sarah · · Reply

    No big traditions, just Easter baskets my mom would put together for my sister and I. They were always filled with fun, spring-y things, like flip flops and nail polish. Makes me wish I still lived at home! Haha.

    Also – thank you so much for visiting last week and making my SITS Day extra special! Thank you so much for your support 🙂

    Hoppy Easter!


    P.S. I’d love it if you would follow me on Facbook!

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