Dear Older Wiser Me

There are so many bloggers who have written letters to their younger selves, sort of going back in time to reassure that insecure, naive kid that it all turns out okay.  But I wonder if we could step into the future what would we say to our older selves. . . .could we possibly speak things into existence and chart the course we wish out lives would take?  Here is my attempt:


Gotta love Maxine! Hope I’m just as feisty!

Dear Older Wiser Me,

I’m writing this letter 20 years before you read it just to say, THANKS.  You’ve been an amazing wife, a phenomenal mother and because you were patient and worked hard many of your dreams have come true.

You didn’t always have the answers but you were good at improvising and making sure things worked out for the best in the end.

Your children are beautiful, caring individuals due in no small part to how they were raised. Congratulations to your son on opening his pediatric practice and your daughter being accepted into medical school this year.

You’ve traveled to many destinations domestic and international but always made sure the best place in the world for your family was home.  You’ve lived a life of dignity and grace and now you can retire and continue your travels with your husband of 31 years.  Continue to take care of yourself and you will continue to live a long healthy life.

Enjoy the rest of your journey and may God continue to bless you!


Me From The Past

From my mouth to God’s ears. . .I pray I’ll be around to see it all come to fruition!




  1. That’s really inspiring =) I really like setting down the most important things to you and how you believe it will happen

  2. This was a really great post. A nice twist on something popular 🙂

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