Happy Place

rainbow sky

Sometimes I think life can’t get any better. Then it does.
And I wonder what I did to be so deserving.

There have been hardships, sure. But it doesn’t make me special.  Or does it.

The fact that despite everything NOT going my way.  AT ALL. I still end up so blessed and obviously highly favored.

I don’t take a single moment of it for granted.  Sometimes I have to remember to breathe and take it all in.

Because I know it won’t last forever. My kids will grow up, I will grow old, my husband won’t always be so strong and sharp.

But today. . .today life is REALLY good. And I’m very thankful I am here to bear witness.




  1. Good for you. Nothing like feeling the happiness and blessings of the day.

  2. Nothing like feeling the happiness and the blessings of the day.

  3. Now this is a great post. I have had so many hardships that I look for it at every corner. I don’t expect good I think thats why it does not happen for me. Even the little things can make you smile and I have to remember that.

  4. Ahhh Yes! A positive post 🙂 Just what I needed today. Love that you are happy, book mark this post and read it when you are no so happy.

    1. I should definitely bookmark it! 😉

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