{Monday Musings} Weekend Wisdom

This weekend me and the rest of the LWR Crew headed out on a mini road trip to Austin to attend a social media conference.  It took us roughly 3 hours to drive from Houston but it felt like all of one hour due to the fact that we chatted incessantly.

We arrived around 2:25pm to a bit of confusion about room rates that were previously reserved and we were also told we couldn’t check in until precisely 3:00pm.  O. . .K.  It wasn’t a big enough deal (to me) to publicly disparage or mention the hotel by name but it definitely prompted a lengthy conversation about customer service over lunch.  And I’m certain the hotel chain will be mentioned on another forum.

We ate at the delicious Buca di Peppo restaurant for lunch.  My first time ever eating there and I wasn’t disappointed.  You can tell Big Joe is a fan as well.

big joe

In case you didn’t know, Big Joe is the big guy sitting on the little stool. This was on the wall at Buca di Peppo. Not judging but I think Joe might want to lay off the pasta for a little while.

We had drinks later that night at Mexican restaurant, that is an Austin staple, and we weren’t as impressed.  But the company was good so after a drink or two it didn’t matter! LOL!

The conference itself was held at The Oasis on Lake Travis. Amazing view!

oasis view

View from the conference room at The Oasis on Lake Travis. It was a little overcast and the picture has a filter but it doesn’t take away from that view!

Living in Houston, I often forget how “flat” our city is and realize sadly that we are the only Texas city (that I’m aware of) that suffers from this plight.  Austin is hilly and very picturesque!  There were some amazing speakers who are considered rock stars in the black blogging community and blogging community in general.

There was a ton of amazing information shared and we made some great connections but I have to admit for some reason I was surprised by how just genuinely NICE everyone was and so generous with their time and information. It was more than what I anticipated.  Here are some of the gems from the event that I am going put on post it notes around my office, these words of wisdom don’t just apply to blogging they apply to LIFE:

1.  Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself.- Ronnie Tyler (blackandmarriedwithkids.com)

2.  Own your expertise!- Gina McCauley (bloggingwhilebrown.com)

3.  Be aware of your competition but don’t compare yourself to them.- Tamara Floyd (naturalhairrules.com)

4.  People are more comfortable with old problems instead of new solutions.- Jesse Muhammad (brotherjesseblog)

5.  Trust your insight and go for what feels right for you.- Patrice  Yursik (afrobella.com)

6.  You have to plan for your success!- Lamar Tyler (blackandmarriedwithkids.com)

I walked away from the conference totally inspired to make some improvements not only with respect to my blogging journey but other areas of my life as well.  It gave me the jolt I needed to hear the stories of these bloggers and how they are living out their dreams.  It’s time to wake up and make my dreams come true! (You can see pics and read more of my recap of the conference HERE.)



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