Monthly Archives: April 2013

Happy Place

Sometimes I think life can’t get any better. Then it does. And I wonder what I did to be so deserving. There have been hardships, sure. But it doesn’t make me special.  Or does it. The fact that despite everything NOT going my way.  AT ALL. I still end up so blessed and obviously highly favored. […]

Friday Fill-Ins

TGIF!!!  Today, I am doing something a little different and participating in a challenge/link-up known as “Friday Fill-ins” and I found out about it when I was visiting this lovely SITS lady>>> (  Basically you’re given new prompts or questions to “fill-in” the blank each Friday.  I think it’s pretty ingenious and seems like fun […]

{Wordless Wednesday} Butterflies

[Spring Break 2013- Cockrell Butterfly Center. Photographer- me.]

Dear Older Wiser Me

There are so many bloggers who have written letters to their younger selves, sort of going back in time to reassure that insecure, naive kid that it all turns out okay.  But I wonder if we could step into the future what would we say to our older selves. . . .could we possibly speak […]