Soundtrack to My Life

Saturday I am attending an ’80s themed birthday party for my “little” cousin who is turning 30. (What a baby!) Can I just tell you I might be more excited than the birthday girl!  Yes, it’s great that she is celebrating her 30th birthday but doing it ’80s style is just in a word (or two) TOTALLY AWESOME. Like, for sure!


The ’80s was MY decade!  I turned 10 in 1980 and 18 in 1988.  I went through the end of childhood, adolescence and entered adulthood all in the same decade. It was totally dope, word to the mutha! LOL! Okay, enough of the cheesy ’80s slang. . .the thing I absolutely LOVED about the ’80s was the music! And with MTV coming on scene in 1980, it totally changed the way we view music (literally) forever. Yes, MTV used to actually only be about MUSIC (hence the name Music TeleVision) and not giving teenage mothers a platform!

MTV 80's Promo. This is why they give out "moon men" statuettes!

MTV 80’s Promo. This is why they give out “moon men” statuettes!

Anyhoo, I digress. . .the music of the ’80s was a culture clash of awesomeness! It was eclectic, empowering, liberating and FUN.  It ushered in a new genre that is still going strong today- hip hop.  Madonna and Cyndi Lauper sung about Girl Power.  Groups like Van Halen, The Police & Duran Duran left the girls weak in the knees.  Michael Jackson reigned supreme over the pop & R& B charts and my all time favorite artist, Prince secured his place as His Royal Purple Badness with the best semi-autobiographical musical/movie ever, Purple Rain.

Madonna, Prince, Run DMC and Duran Duran

Madonna, Prince, Run DMC and Duran Duran

The ’80s may have also been a time of distress in terms of world news and the economy but I was still young and carefree then.  And all that mattered was the music!  Here are my top ten songs (in no particular order) from the ’80s that still get plenty of play on my iPod even today:

1.  Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics

2. Candy Girl- New Edition

3.  Walk this Way- Run DMC feat. Aerosmith

4.  (tie) Get Into the Groove- Madonna & Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper

5. My Mic Sounds Nice- Salt-n-Pepa

6. Wanted Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi

7.  My Melody- Eric B. & Rakim

8. More Bounce to the Ounce- Roger & Zapp (Godfather of the AUTO TUNE!)

9.  DMSR- Prince

10. In the Air Tonight- Phil Collins

Bonus: The entire Thriller album by Michael Jackson


Classic ’80s!

I can’t wait to slip into my neon leggings, slouch shirt and headband for the party this weekend and just for one night, be transported back in time!

Any other ’80s music lovers out there? What’s your favorite song (s) from the decade?



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