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Feel Good Friday- Social Cam

TGIF!! Trying something different today, I finally caved in & downloaded Social Cam! I’m so cool! LOL! I was hoping it would be a total mobile experience and allow me to post more frequently and more spontaneously….however I was unable to upload the video from my iPhone via the WordPress app. So, this link (to […]

Friday Fill-Ins

TGIF!!!  Today, I am doing something a little different and participating in a challenge/link-up known as “Friday Fill-ins” and I found out about it when I was visiting this lovely SITS lady>>> (  Basically you’re given new prompts or questions to “fill-in” the blank each Friday.  I think it’s pretty ingenious and seems like fun […]

I’ve Got A Functional Space!

So, yesterday I posted this picture of my workspace: Anyway, this is the only available space in the house to make an “office”, so I headed out to get a few things to fix up the space.  Mainly TRASH BAGS!  My first task was to empty out the entire armoire: Next I added some elements […]

The Office: A Modern Day Tragedy

No, this is NOT a post about the hit NBC comedy but instead the tragedy of my lack of dedicated office space.  Well, I actually have a dedicated closet space but it’s just not enough room for me to spread my mess wings and be totally creative.  But the irony is that I haven’t really […]

Online Blogger Conference: Genius Idea

Blogging has become a worldwide phenomenon allowing people all over the globe to share everything from celebrity gossip, fashion tips and professional expertise.  Bloggers connect with each other every day on the Internet and via social media.  Some great friendships and collaborations have begun from these online connections.  Blogging has also ushered in a new […]

Perfect Mom: An Oxymoron

Eight months ago I quit my job to stay at home with my children. I envisioned leisurely days of watching HGTV, craft time, play dates and field trips. I would also successfully launch a new business on the side. I would get 8 hours of sleep every night, my husband would get a home cooked […]

{Black History Month} Busy House Big Heart Post

  I did a guest post over at Busy House, Big Heart.  Victoria is the blogger behind the cool stuff you see there and she was looking for bloggers to contribute Black History posts, so I answered the call!  You can check out my post HERE.  Enjoy!