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Pop Up Shop

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve opened an online Pop Up Shop just in time for Mother’s Day! Limited Designs for a Limited Time. Check it out today! Click on image to ENTER: Advertisements

Friday Fill-Ins

TGIF!!!  Today, I am doing something a little different and participating in a challenge/link-up known as “Friday Fill-ins” and I found out about it when I was visiting this lovely SITS lady>>> (  Basically you’re given new prompts or questions to “fill-in” the blank each Friday.  I think it’s pretty ingenious and seems like fun […]

I’ve Got A Functional Space!

So, yesterday I posted this picture of my workspace: Anyway, this is the only available space in the house to make an “office”, so I headed out to get a few things to fix up the space.  Mainly TRASH BAGS!  My first task was to empty out the entire armoire: Next I added some elements […]

The Office: A Modern Day Tragedy

No, this is NOT a post about the hit NBC comedy but instead the tragedy of my lack of dedicated office space.  Well, I actually have a dedicated closet space but it’s just not enough room for me to spread my mess wings and be totally creative.  But the irony is that I haven’t really […]

{H-Town Review} Main Street America

Are you looking to build your dream home and need ideas or just want to catch up on the latest decorating trends to update your home or do you just have a penchant for walking through model homes?  My family and I fall into that last category. But Main Street America would meet the needs […]


The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.  ~Samuel Johnson I am a busybody.  And probably possess entirely too much ambition.  I’m constantly finding ways to occupy myself and do things I feel passionate about, which all sounds great in theory but it’s making […]

{Design Time} Fontastic Freebies

I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for awhile now. . .focusing on some design stuff.  Here’s a list of my current favorite script fonts.  And they are all free!  Take advantage of these beauties and update your blog headers and banners.  If you really, really like the font donate a few dollars […]