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Soundtrack to My Life

Saturday I am attending an ’80s themed birthday party for my “little” cousin who is turning 30. (What a baby!) Can I just tell you I might be more excited than the birthday girl!  Yes, it’s great that she is celebrating her 30th birthday but doing it ’80s style is just in a word (or […]

Spring Fashion for the Kiddo’s

This month marks the official start of the Spring season!  YAY!!!  I hope that means we’ll see the end of cold weather here in Houston!  I’ll take 75 degrees YEAR ROUND thank you very much!  Because we all know when summer hits, it’s going to hit hard!  108 in the shade!  No fun at all.  […]

Website Launch Event

This past weekend I attended a website launch event for an old high school friend and I just happen to be her web designer as well.  She sells shoes and handbags in addition to personal styling services.  The event was held in the atrium of the building where she has a showroom. The event was […]


You know how there is always someone you know that no matter the occasion they are always so well put together?  So fashion forward.  So trendy.  So fabulous.  I know someone like that.  I wish I could hate her but I can’t.  She’s my sister and she is totally awesome.  She attended the Love. Work. […]

Just Beachy

This post comes with a disclaimer:  I am not a fashionista or fashion aficionado or even what I would consider a fashionable person.  However I know what I like and what I don’t like when it comes to shoes and clothing. Having said that. . .I’ve been looking around for some cute beachy things for […]