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Pop Up Shop

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve opened an online Pop Up Shop just in time for Mother’s Day! Limited Designs for a Limited Time. Check it out today! Click on image to ENTER: Advertisements

Feel Good Friday- Social Cam

TGIF!! Trying something different today, I finally caved in & downloaded Social Cam! I’m so cool! LOL! I was hoping it would be a total mobile experience and allow me to post more frequently and more spontaneously….however I was unable to upload the video from my iPhone via the WordPress app. So, this link (to […]

{Wordless Wednesday} Readers

Their love for the written word warms my heart.

Childhood Ambition

It’s been more than few decades since I was a kid.  So much has changed over the years especially with the invention of cell phones and the Internet but the more things change, I realize the more they stay the same.  My children enjoy doing much of the same things I did when I was […]

{Feel Good Friday} Dirty Secrets

TGIF!!  I hope to be back to doing Friday videos NEXT Friday. . .Spring Break threw me off my game!  But until then I wanted to share a little book I picked up at Marshall’s about a year ago.  When I cleaned out the workspace yesterday I found it, I had forgotten all about it!  […]


The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.  ~Samuel Johnson I am a busybody.  And probably possess entirely too much ambition.  I’m constantly finding ways to occupy myself and do things I feel passionate about, which all sounds great in theory but it’s making […]

Perfect Mom: An Oxymoron

Eight months ago I quit my job to stay at home with my children. I envisioned leisurely days of watching HGTV, craft time, play dates and field trips. I would also successfully launch a new business on the side. I would get 8 hours of sleep every night, my husband would get a home cooked […]