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Soundtrack to My Life

Saturday I am attending an ’80s themed birthday party for my “little” cousin who is turning 30. (What a baby!) Can I just tell you I might be more excited than the birthday girl!  Yes, it’s great that she is celebrating her 30th birthday but doing it ’80s style is just in a word (or […]


The Christmas holidays always put me in a festive mood in addition to spending time with my family, I also look forward to hearing some of my favorite holiday music.  Here is a playlist of my top 5 Christmas classics!  My Christmas is just not complete until I hear these songs: Holiday Jamz from mzm40 […]


My TEN YEAR anniversary is in two days!  It’s been an AMAZING decade!  I decided to create a playlist that describes how I feel about my marriage and my husband.  Here are my top ten songs.  Enjoy! Here is the track listing: Bonus Track: I’m Cool- Anthony Hamilton Ten Year Anniversary from mzm40 on 8tracks […]


I just recently heard this India Arie song (6 years later) and downloaded it to my iTunes library but it is so my frame of my right now!  Although I am a little past 30. . . 😉  Not sure if she has an actual video for the song but I decided to post the […]


THIS song! Classic.  Never gets old!  Lemme me get my drum sticks! Inspiring air drummers everywhere!

New Day

Blog has a new look.  I’ve got a new attitude.  This is my new anthem.  It’s a NEW DAY!